Lawyer Jarmo Eskelinen

Master of Laws, Master in Law with court training
Lawyer since 1985
Real estate union Kanta-Häme, legal Adviser
Hämeen Yrittäjät ry, companys Advisor of legal matters

Juridcal work experience:
Deputy Lensmann
Tax Agency General Counsel
Previous participations at law firms:
Law firm Eskelinen and Nisula Ay
Law firm Eskelinen Oy
Law firm Eskelinen and Suokas Oy


Positions of responsibility:
Hämeenlinna- Yrittäjäuutiset, editor-in-chief
Previous positions of responsibility:
Finnish bar association (member of council)
Finnish bar association Häme department (vice-chairman of board of directions)
Hämeen Uusiyrityskeskus (chairman of board of directions) Suomen
Hämeen Yrittäjät ry (member of board of directions)
Suomen Kiinteistöliitto ry (member of board of directions)
Talokeskus Oy, member of board of directions
Kanta-Hämeen Kiinteistöyhdistys (Kiinteistöliitto Kanta-Häme), (chairman of board of directions)
Kanta-Hämeen Talokeskus Oy (vice-chairman of board of directions) Hämeenlinnan Yrittäjät ry (chairman of board of directions)
Suomen Palloliitto (liittovaltuusto)
Suomen Palloliitto Tampereen piiri (member of board of directions)
Hämeenlinnan Juniorijalkapallo HJS (member of board of directions)